Health coaching for lyme disease

Navigating Lyme disease is overwhelming. I work with clients 1-on-1 to create a clear roadmap for healing so you can get well faster.

Health coaching for lyme disease

Navigating Lyme disease is overwhelming. I work with clients 1-on-1 to create a clear roadmap for healing so you can get well faster.

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A faster path back to your life:

Having Lyme disease is stressful enough, without the logistical nightmare of balancing the endless components of your care:

The list can seem endless, and honestly: it is.

Get guidance and support from a certified health coach with over ten years working with complex Lyme disease. I give my clients a roadmap to remission, customized to your own personal needs.

By providing you with a clear, organized plan from our very first meeting, I'll help you get back to your life faster while recognizing and celebrating the milestones on your path to wellness. 



get support

get organized

save time & money

Faster, easier, more supported:

With Lyme disease, you can feel pressured to "just get better" which can make you start to doubt yourself. I know how isolating that feels. You don't have to go it alone like I did. I'm there at your side every step of the way.

I provide my clients with an easy-to-follow framework for managing their complex care. Because you're more organized, you'll be more compliant with your treatments, which will help you get well faster and with fewer relapses.

By working with me, my clients are able to move forward with their care between appointments, to communicate more effectively with their care providers, and to ultimately reduce the total cost of their illness.

Living with Lyme disease can feel hopeless. It's easy to think that you'll have to live like this for the rest of your life. Support groups are helpful but they rarely highlight how many people have gotten well. And the amount of information shared there is endless.

I can offer you a better path to healing from complex Lyme disease because I've done it. In 2016, I went from being completely bed-ridden with my illness to climbing a mountain 18 months later.

Getting to remission took a lot of courage, but more than that, it took a lot of project management. I saw how my training as an MBA and project manager in the corporate world gave me a clear framework for navigating the constantly shifting appointments, treatments, and data collection needed to get healthy.

Since then I've devoted my career to helping others get well in a simpler, faster, and more informed way.

There's nothing special about me. You can heal too.

Hi, I'm Julie.

I've spent 10 years fighting Lyme & learning how to beat it. 

Learn more about my Lyme Story>>

Professional training & Certifications


Project Management Professional

Certified IHP

Trained Facilitator

Somatic Practitioner Basics

- Anna H. (California)

Julie helped me navigate and treat my symptoms. I was too overwhelmed and foggy in my thinking to even know where to start.

She formulated an action plan where together we tackled my illness in a clear and manageable way. Not only did Julie make the daunting process more feasible but she did it with empathy and compassion.

No longer anXious

- Erin M. (Florida)

I was having episodes of dizziness and vertigo along with fatigue. I was worried it could be Lyme. Julie helped me find doctors for testing and then helped me better understand my options for treatment. I felt empowered to make decisions in line with what felt best for me and my lifestyle.

She is my go-to person for all things related to Lyme and provides a level of support that makes me feel less alone.

empowered to heal

- Kate G. (Illinois)

As a Lyme patient with mold sensitivity, I was terrified at the idea of looking for a new apartment. I didn't have the time or money to run mold tests on every apartment I looked at.

Julie gave me simple and easy techniques to assess an apartment for mold so that I could confidently move without fear of destroying my health again. 

simple & easy approach

Client Results

Your illness doesn't have to define you. We'll identify meaningful goals outside of just managing your symptoms to help you see progress as you get your life back: Spend more time seeing friends. Have the energy to play with kids again. Get back to the office or look for a new job. Climb a mountain or dream up a different way to experience the world.

I'll create a roadmap customized to address both your current symptoms and your long-term healing. We want to make sure that you don't just have a plan, but you have a plan that's doable and realistic. You'll have everything in one place, organized in a way that's simple to maintain and easy for your doctors and other care providers to review.

You don't need to wait for your next medical appointment to get answers or try to DIY your care on your own. Get guidance right now; get your questions answered and have a clear plan for the realistic next steps to getting well. From our very first call we'll be discussing the most impactful treatments to best fit your budget and lifestyle.

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How it works:

"What started as an extremely anxious and disorganized situation, quickly became a clear plan with actionable steps thanks to Julie." - Anna

Julie's easy-to-use guide to at home assessment and care for the symptoms of a Herxheimer reaction.

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