Unfortunately, getting a diagnoses of Lyme disease can be difficult...in a number of ways. Many doctors are not educated on the symptoms, testing, or treatment of Lyme. Even if you get a diagnosis, getting the right treatment can be a challenge!

I am here to help! I work with clients one-on-one to make sure they get accurate testing, diagnosis, and treatment.

Do you think
you have Lyme?

Renowned Lyme doctor, Richard Horowitz, MD, created this questionnaire to help people determine whether their symptoms could be caused by Lyme disease. This tool can be used for informational purposes only. It, nor I, can diagnose you with Lyme disease. This tool can, however, be a good starting point for figuring out how similar what you are experiencing is to Lyme disease. If your results indicate a possibility for Lyme disease, please take this information to your doctor along with the advice below about testing for Lyme. 

- Neck Pain
- Neuropathy
- Rash
- Fever
- Sweats
- Digestive Issues

- Fatigue
- Headache
- Joint Pain
- Muscle Pain
- Sleep Issues
- Cognitive Issues

The symptoms of Lyme disease are similar to many other diseases and illnesses. However, here are the most commonly reported symptoms:


Testing for lyme disease can be difficult